Marching Band & Color Guard Registration

Step 1:

Parents – Click HERE to fill out online registration forms

Step 2:

Parents – Click HERE to Add/Update contact information in Charms

(You’ll need your child’s CG Student ID#)

Step 3:

Students – Attend May Rehearsals

New Marchers – Click HERE for details

Returning Marchers – Click HERE for details

Step 4:

Parents & Students- Attend R3

New Marchers – Wednesday, May 23rd 7pm)

Returning Marchers – Thursday, May 24th 7pm)

Marching Band & Color Guard Summer Schedule

Summer rehearsals are critical to the success of each individual as well as the team.  Please plan to take vacations during non-rehearsal days.

Summer Schedule – Click HERE for details

Marching Band Resources

See the Quick Links section on the home page for handbook and scholarship application.